Recipe Review: Double-Crunch Honey-Garlic Chicken


There is a whole website dedicated to Pinterest projects gone wrong, but I hope someone creates one for Pinterest successes -because this pin would be first on my list!
I made this double-crunch chicken with a honey garlic sauce a couple of weeks ago. I’d invited one of my best friends round to see my house and rather than stick to my usual recipe books I thought I’d try something new. (And prove that my shiny new kitchen was worth all the work that went into it!) It was so tasty and the chicken was perfect and tender. I’ve never been a fan of rice so I served it with home-made chips and a crunchy salad.
The full recipe can be found here but I adapted the quantities a little to serve just 2 people.
I also found this site really helpful for adapting the quantities to grams. (I’ve never been able to figure out how much to add when it says ‘2 cups’.)
Bon appetit!