Sixties Shift

I’ve refined my shopping habits in recent years and most of the things I buy these days tend to fall under the labels ‘classic’ and ‘timeless’. And this fits the bill – in fact when I looked at this photograph I thought ‘if it was in black and white, you might wonder if it had been taken in the sixties’.

The dress is a favourite, it’s heavy fabric – so perfect for winter – but it’s not overly warm for office-wear. And I’ve been enthusing about Charnos tights for ages – as I have quite long legs and these are the only brand I can find that fit me perfectly and don’t slip throughout the day.


Dress: GAP | Bag: Accessorize
Tights: (exact ones here)
Boots: Marta Jonsson at Debenhams






Before I sat down to do this post, I didn’t actually know what Bouclé meant. I knew what a Bouclé jacket looked like of course – but not what specifically made it that. Turns out it’s not the cut or the style, but the yarn (or, as Wikipedia called it the ‘novelty yarn’). Anyway the point is, that yarn is a lot warmer than you might expect, I was pretty toasty when taking these photos.




Jacket: Miss Selfridge (similar here)
Top: F&F (buy it here)
Longer-length Jeggings: Marks and Spencer (indigo)
Boots: Primark
Statement Necklace: via Luan Matthews

14 for 2014

14 copy

I’ll be honest, I’ve never liked New Year. In my book it’s possibly worse than Valentine’s Day (because at least sympathetic family members usually buy me chocolate for Valentine’s.) But New Year? It’s always been ‘just another day’ to me. Nice that we get it off work though.

Then, as I was leaving work last night I found myself grinning for no real reason on the way home, and I realised how much happier I am now than I was this time last year. I only had one goal last year – to finish my house and get moved in. It seemed like it would never happen. I spent all my time inhaling plaster dust and covered in paint. To some extent I neglected a lot of the other aspects of my life to complete it – and I’ve been making up for lost time ever since (though it was totally worth it – I love my house).

So this list, isn’t so much ‘resolutions’ – it’s more ‘reminders’ of all the things I looked forward to spending my time doing when it seemed like the house would never be finished.

And if I write it down on the internet there’s a better chance I’ll be reminded to do it.

I don’t say ‘Happy New Year’… but I will say HAVE FUN x

Winter Rocks

This has got to be one of my favourite places in the world, and only a few minutes drive from where I live. Though strangely, I don’t visit it that much. It’s such a spectacular view that I think if I went too often, I’d stop appreciating it as much.

But every now and again I’ll just jump in the car and go. Luckily, this time around I had my sister with me who very kindly took these photos – it was so windy I think the tripod would have blown over if I’d tried to self-shoot!




Coat: George at Asda | Jeggings: Marks and Spencer | Boots: Debenhams


Quilted Jumper: ASOS


Bag: Aldo