Tall Girl, Small Dog

I promised a while ago to show you the miracle jeggings I bought at the TallGirls.co.uk pop up. However, that turned out to be a bit more difficult than anticipated – you’ll see why when you scroll down.

It’s been that long since I visited the pop up that they’ve already released the dates for the A/W pop ups – you can find more info on these here.

The jeggings are a brand called e d c and you can find them on the TallGirls.co.uk website here. They are not only a great fit for my hips/waist but the perfect length for my legs (which sit somewhere between 34″-36″ in-seam, depending upon where I shop).

Top: F&F
Necklace: HBE
Sandals: Primark

With one thing and another though this post became a bit less ‘Clothes’ and a bit more ‘Dog’. Or to be more specific, ‘dogs’ – two of them.

Shadow and Cali make the best double act. She has adored him since day one and he got a new lease of life when she showed up – it was like he became a puppy all over again. He though, is more content to chill out in the back ground, whereas (as you can see below) she likes to be the centre of everyone’s attention…

Introducing Cali

As some of you may have noticed, my blog posts have been few and far between over the past few months. I’ve hinted about the reasons for this once or twice on Instagram, but I thought it was about time I shared the whole story. Brace yourselves for extreme cuteness.

Back in October I brought home a tiny little bundle of joy. And I named her Cali.

I knew owning a puppy would be difficult, especially for someone who is in their mid-twenties and has a full time job. So before I committed to the idea I did a lot of research and made a lot of plans. Most of these went out of the window on the first night…

It was a week before I could get more than a couple of hours sleep at a time, toilet training was a nightmare and there are teeth marks on pretty much everything I own. But I wouldn’t trade her for the world.

By far her best feature is her enthusiasm for life. It doesn’t matter what kind of day it’s been – she always acts like I’ve made hers just by showing up. She is completely in love with the world. She loves to make friends and most people love her back (which is just as well because she’s no manners and a bad habit of getting mud on people’s clothes.)

I plan to write more about her in time but for now here are a few snapshots from her first few weeks in her new home.