In an English Country Garden

Summer seemed to run really late this year, but it’s looking like Autumn has decided to roll up her sleeves and get to work at last. So I’m saying Au Revoir to the warmer temperatures with a quick post featuring my favourite dress of the Summer.

This dress from Joy has everything. Pockets, pleats, a twirly skirt and that gorgeous floral pattern. I was in love as soon as I saw it. And even better it’s now on sale – snap it up here.

As usual, my little self-made photoshoot was invaded by animals. Shadow came to say hello, and was swiftly followed by Milo. In typical cat fashion, Milo mithered me for ages and then as soon as I picked him up he couldn’t do enough to get away. He likes me really… I think.

Last of the Summer Florals

I meant to post this in August but, with one thing and another, I’m only just getting around to it. I love a good playsuit in Summer and this one fits perfectly. Sadly I had to cancel my summer hols when I fell ill earlier this month, so I’ve not been able to wear it this year… I tried making it work for winter by paring it with tights but the design and texture of the fabric didn’t really work for winter layering. It’s definitely a summer staple for next year.

DSC_0384 copy

DSC_0399 copy

DSC_0402 copy

Playsuit: Glamorous
Ring: ASOS