1 Mini-skirt, 4 Ways

This bottle-green F&F corduroy mini-skirt is a keeper. It’s long enough to be worn without tights, smart enough for an evening out and dressy enough for the holidays.

When I first tried this skirt on in my instagram stories, I loved the fit on me but wasn’t sure how it would fit into my closet. I’ve been trying to be more mindful of the clothes I choose and following the rule of 3 (in order for me to keep an item, I have to be able to make at least 3 different outfits with it from existing items in my closet).

It just goes to show why you should experiment with the items in your wardrobe more often. I made 4 outfits for this post, but I could have made even more.


Breton Stripe Top by George (similar here)
White Lacoste Trainers (similar here)


Chunky Jumper by Monsoon (similar here)
Shearling Boots from M&S (similar here)


Cream Top from Ralph Lauren (similar here)
Next Boots (similar here)

Look 4

Black Roll Neck F&F
Black Knee High Boots F&F