Something For the Weekend: Tropical Butterfly House

Last weekend I stumbled upon this place, completely by accident. I was supposed to be meeting up with family for a celebratory birthday meal for my sister, but I spotted signs for this place en-route and at the last minute we changed our plans. I’m so glad we did. Whether you have children, or you’re just a big kid at heart like me,¬†The Tropical Butterfly House Wildlife and Falconry¬†centre is a wonderful day out. It is a little off the beaten track, but if you ever find yourself in the north of England I would recommend a visit.

We didn’t have long enough on our visit to explore everything but I will definitely be going back. Here are some of the highlights from our visit:






The important bit: I’m an animal lover and always nervous about visiting these kinds of places but I found all the staff to be knowledgeable and devoted to the animals’ well being. The enclosures were beautifully kept with lots of enrichment for the animals. In an ideal world all animals would have the same freedom and respect we afford ourselves as humans… but in the meantime it’s important for places like this to exist, so that they can educate children and adults alike, on the wonders of the natural world and the need to care for and treasure it.