Positive Vibes

1. Be inspired by this wonderful and moving article on a woman’s weight.

2. This Game of Thrones musical-mockumentary for Red Nose Day is hilarious.

3. Apparently there are 4 simple steps that will unlock the secret to happiness…

4. … but if I were you I’d just watch this video of adorable puppies going for a swim.

5. Finally, if you live in the UK, and grew up in the nineties, you must be just as excited as I am to hear about The Crystal Maze making a comeback.

Something for the Weekend: Cocktails In The City

Cocktails in the City is a new pop-up event which brings together the best cocktail makers in your area. A few weeks ago I went along to their Manchester night at the AMC Warehouse. The organisers mix spectacular drinks with amazing street food vendors and a fab DJ – basically it has all the ingredients for a brilliant night out!

Their next event is in London on 18th and 19th of July (they also have one in Edinburgh toward the end of October) and you can book tickets here. If you are in the city you need to go. 

Additional info: My ticket cost £10 which included entry and 1 drink token. You can buy additional tokens once inside for £6 each.

Professional Photo by Cocktails in the City